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Add a mobile component to your business, and reach customers wherever they are.

  • Your business, your brand

    Do what you do best, with a travelling twist. Prepare fresh, delicious items that can be packaged and travel well.

  • Mobile notifications

    At any given location Pushcart enables you to send a notification to users nearby. You decide where and when.

  • Sales in an instant

    Receive a request from a user and visit them to conclude a sale and take payment.

  • Contactless Payments

    Add your Yoco or Snapscan details to receive contactless payments directly.

When do I use it?

That's up to you

You can use Pushcart notifications to boost sales or to supplement existing deliveries. You can trade around your existing location or travel across the city. Pushcart adds value to your business when you need it to and on your terms.

What does it cost?

Start with 50 free credits

For the remainder of 2020 there no cost for being on Pushcart or for sending notifications. You receive 50 free credits and only when you receive a response from an interested customer, will a credit be deducted from you balance. When you are out of credits you will need to top-up to keep sending notifications. Each customer response is 1 credit and the cost per credit is R1.

What about next year?

We want to create a pricing structure that works for a wide range of vendors. Whether you sell many, small, low-cost items or a few high-cost items you should be able to trade without being limited by fees. We are looking at the best way to acheive this and will consult with vendors before any pricing changes are implemented.

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